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Protek Nano Mask Filter Achieves Certification Milestone in Australia

The Protek Nano A99 face mask is different to almost every other face mask and P2 respirator on the market today.

Traditional face masks use a melt blown polypropylene filter to act as a barrier to contaminants that come in contact with the mask. This filter type relies on an electrostatic charge which dissipates over time and when wet, which is why they need to be replaced every 2 hours.

The Protek Nano respirator uses a next generation nanotechnology filter to trap tiny airborne particles and inactivate bacterial and viral microbes on contact.

The filtration efficiency of the nanofiber membrane is maintained over an extended time period, even when wet, due to the high specific surface area (>500 m2/g) achieved during the electrospinning process. It can be effectively worn for up to 24 hours. While there are other face masks on the market that use nanofiber filters, there are very few globally that deliver the virus inactivate properties that ours do.

The nanofiber membrane used in the Protek Nano respirator was certified in April 2021 by Bioscience Laboratories LLC (USA) to inactivate viral microbes by 99.84% for up to 24 hours.

We are proud to announce that the nanofiber membrane has now been certified in Australia to be 99.99% effective in inactivating viral microbes. The certification has been provided by Eurofins ams Laboratories Pty Ltd having analysed the material on 9 August 2021. This is another significant milestone in the development of the Protek Nano project.

We are expecting our production equipment to arrive in Australia in October 2021 with production to commence in November 2021.

20 August 2021


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